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Remote control with 2-cycle self-balance blows $100 Samsung batteryRemote control with 2-cycle self-balance blows $100 Samsung batteryRemote control with 2-cycle self-balance blows $100 Samsung batteryRemote control with 2-cycle self-balance blows $100 Samsung batteryRemote control with 2-cycle self-balance blows $100 Samsung battery

Remote control with 2-cycle self-balance blows $100 Samsung battery

  • Size: hoverboard model
  • Tire size: 6.5 inches
  • Power: 501-1000W
  • Voltage: 36V
  • Certification: CE
  • Cerficates: CE ROHS/UL
  • Charging time: 1-2 h
  • Fold: no
  • Customs: 40-60. M.
  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Maximum speed: 12 km. M.
  • Motor power: 700W (350W * 2)
1. self balance bike is a new high-tech outdoor sports products, aerospace control theory, fuzzy algorithm and a gyroscope system, self bacdward and further direction can be used for balance.
2. body slightly forward and backward, progress through acceleration,
Slow down and brake balance and other transport businesses, is similar to a bicycle left and right direction, relying on a green and environmental equipment, physical implementation of Taoist school and available for the implementation, the balance wheel and a good leisure.

1. CE ROHS FCC, UL Certificate certification, quality standards,
2. non-stick and food grade silicone, high insulation, high wear resistance, high temperature resistance, anti-aging performance.
3. new design innovative, stylish and cool and luxurious comfort, keep you safe, high quality, competitive price.
4. led decoration and uplifting songs.
Rotate around and blow Horn 5.360 °, a joystick, your hands free.
6. Scooter chassis is very low, it is easy to get off, is very safe.
1. the lightest, smallest, simple operation single-wheel electric car carrying.
2. friendly, environmental protection, use of brushless controller;
3. auto power down, press the button micro switch contact switches, will change the balance model.
4. tilt your feet need to be able to control your direction, excursion is convenient, and it has no handles, so we have 2-wheel Scooter said.
5. maximum speed: 10 km/ H, use motherboard with cell cool a truly original LG battery, surface handling, good workmanship and complex paints
6.15 ~ 20 degree angle 0 ° of rotation climbing.
7. Max load: 120 kg minimum load: 20 kg
8. core double balanced components (chips, gyroscopes, battery), two-wheel-drive security system import. 
9. mechanical strength is very good, stable and solid. allow, you travel about 25 km, it takes 45 minutes to 80% charge.
10. green tourism, conservation of energy, no air pollution, noise-free, totally enclosed battery, no leakage concerns and low power consumption,
Charging time is approximately 10 hours 33 11.8 km M., running, next generation earth cleaner.
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