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new fashion arabic english language learning magic reading pen with booknew fashion arabic english language learning magic reading pen with booknew fashion arabic english language learning magic reading pen with book

new fashion arabic english language learning magic reading pen with book

  • Model Number: DC029
  • Style: Educational Toy, Musical Toy
  • Material: ABS Plastic   
  • Memory: 128MB/2GB/4GB/8GB(Optional/OEM)
  • Battery: AAA Battery
  • Language: OEM Language
  • Books: Sound Books Customized
  • Ages: 2-8 years
  • Feature: Point to read words,sentences,paragraphs
  • Description: Intelligent Learning Machine
1.Talking/Reading Pen is a new innovation for language lerning.
2.Equipped with an optical reader, the Talking Pen enables learners to listen to the exact native pronunciations of a word.
3.By pointing the pen at words in a textbooks, users can listen to words, sentences, paragraphs, pages or entire chapters at a time.

4.In addition, the Talking  Pen can also record voice, enabling language students to check their speech and pronunciation.

1.Cute appearance: Cute design with different color, and using non-toxic, tasteless, non-radioactive safety and environmental protection material.
2.Book selection function: Book arbitrary choice of the machine, different learning content unlimited switching and adds learning fun.
3.Recording function: Children can keep a diary by talking to the pen.
4.Music player: supports MP3 format files, point of reading selections, volume adjustable, easy to operate.
5.Mass memory storage capacity: 4G/8G oversized machine, can be expand.
6.U disk function: heart download nursery rhymes nursery rhymes and reading materials in English, USB high speed download.

7.Automatic shutdown: Standby 5 minutes intelligent automatic shutdown, to assist parents to protect their children's hearing and save power.
8.Sentence translation: word, statement simultaneous translation, deepen understanding and improve the English proficiency of a good helper.
9.Pronunciation: high-definition standard Mandarin Soundtrack children sound, that is the point that read into the infinite joy of learning.

1. the design of pen and book are for the kids' interest.
2. Small shape, simply for operation and convenient for handling and carrying.Just point, you can read and learn wherever you are or whenever you use it. The shape is simple and with few buttons which are better for kids to handling and carrying.
3. Point and read out immediately.Without any difficult operation, you can listen to the HD voice to learn.

4. Interactive reading and games to test the learning.The kids will like the interactive reading and games while they are learning. They will enjoy the learning by this means (learning and entertainment integrated), so their study will be much more efficient.
5. MP3, stories and download.The children can listen to the songs they like. They can choose the fairy tale or animals’ stories. They can download the songs or files whatever they like into the pen.
6. Real-man recording, high quality voice.
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